3 Questions To Ask Before Choosing a Law Firm

There are many types of lawyers and even more attorneys that practice in each field. Finding the right law firm to represent your case can feel overwhelming. Asking yourself these three questions about each firm you consider helps you choose the one that best meets your needs.

1. What Type of Experience Do the Attorneys at the Firm Have?

Every major law firm has several attorneys. They may practice several fields of law, with each attorney at a firm such as Tully Rinckey Law may have his or her own specialty. For example, a single law firm may have attorneys who specialize in family law, divorce law and civil law. Other firms may have several attorneys who practice in the same field so they cater to a specific legal need.

Regardless of which type of attorney you need, you should choose a lawyer with plenty of experience. Ensure the law firm in question has a team of attorneys that has argued similar cases in court before and is prepared to fight for you. You can get information about a law firm’s experience by viewing its website, butting meeting with a potential attorney such as Tully Rinckey is often the best way to gain an accurate understanding of his or her past experience.

2. What Is the Firm’s Track Record?

A firm’s track record is a good indication of the quality of its lawyers. You should never dismiss a lawyer for failing to have a perfect track record, but hiring one who has won more cases than he or she has lost is best practice.

Information about every lawyer’s track record is available online. Talking directly to an attorney during a consultation gives you an opportunity to ask questions about past losses. The lawyer should have gained valuable insight from the conclusion of the case, so while he or she cannot disclose confidential information about the details of a past case, the attorney may be able to explain the reason for the loss. If it was caused by an error on the lawyer’s part, you may decide to hire a different attorney, but remember that honesty is a valuable trait in lawyer/client relationships.

3. What Is the Firm’s Reputation?

Any type of legal case is emotionally draining, so you want to hire an attorney who is both supportive and reputable. A good lawyer will fight for you and your unique needs to make sure your best interest is prioritized. You must find a lawyer with a good reputation. Looking up online reviews can be a good place to start, or you can ask family members and friends for personal recommendations. Look at multiple reviews to ensure you have a good understanding of the positive and negative experiences associated with a law firm.

However, it’s important to consider reviews as a whole instead of focusing on a single negative experience. Every attorney has a few bad reviews, but one person’s negative experience should not determine the reputation of the company. If there is a significant number of negative reviews online, it may be a good idea to choose another law firm for your legal needs. If the firm has many more glowing reviews than negative experiences, you can feel confident in hiring one of its lawyers to argue your case in court and give you a good chance of winning.

With so many options available, it often feels like a daunting challenge to find the right lawyer for your case. Asking the right questions helps you narrow down your options and find the best law firm for your needs. Use these three questions to start.