3 Ways To Market Your Law Firm

Whether you’re part of a new law firm looking to get established or an existing law firm trying to stay relevant, marketing can be important. The legal business is competitive and marketing can be complicated: what people are looking for and how they look for it change over time. In order to keep clients coming in the door, you may want to invest time and resources into a marketing strategy. Here are three things to consider regardless of if you’re just building your firm or rethinking the way you do business.

1. What’s Your Story?

Before you start telling your story to potential clients and other audiences, it can be good to ensure you know your own story. What are you doing? Why are you doing it? Your brand story can help set you apart from other legal firms.

A brand story can offer a specific image of you and your firm to the outside world. It can be important to ensure you’re telling the story you want to be telling. Identifying what you do better than anyone else and expressing that to your audience is one of the cornerstones of successful marketing.

2. How Do People Find Out?

Once you know what story you’re communicating, it can be useful to think of the channels you’re communicating it through. We live in an increasingly digital age, and many organizations reach clients through a strong online presence like a website. If you don’t feel comfortable creating your own site, you may want to use the services of a firm that specializes in web design for lawyers. Having an experienced professional create your site can help you put your best foot forward.

In addition to a website, you may want to consider other communication channels like social media accounts. Creating a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profile for your law firm can create an avenue for your clients to engage directly with you and endorse you to their networks. In addition, a social media account can keep you looking modern and up-to-date with recent trends.

3. Are You Searchable?

As you build your online presence or work with someone else to design it, it can be good to keep in mind how people will find your site and profiles. Search engine optimization is one way to make sure your organization gets found by potential clients. Employing SEO means adding certain keywords or phrases into your site and its content to boost its position in search results. If you want to be found online consistently, you may want to put an SEO strategy in place.

In the complicated and crowded legal field, it can be hard to stand out. Understanding what you’re telling people, why you’re telling it to them and how they’re hearing you can allow you to make changes and keep up with modern trends. Whether you’re working for a new legal firm or updating an existing strategy, to set yourself apart from the crowd, you may want to consider putting more resources into marketing.