5 Must-Have Packaging and Shipping Supplies For Your Business

Anybody shipping an item to their loved ones or a client needs it to have a safe and protective process. Properly shipping the item also covers the things to consider for a better experience overall. Your proper packaging and ideal shipping tools that go with the item you have in transit will be responsible for any problems it can encounter. Here is everything there is to know about it.

Why Safe Packing for Shipping Items Are Needed

If you think carefully, packages in transit face many dangers that can damage them and end up as unfavorable products to the receiver. Here are some of those hazards:

  • Speed of the Freight
  • Compression from fellow shipments
  • Vibration and shock while in transit
  • Mishandling of the product itself

Items and other products need to be taken care of for them to be delivered in a more pleasing stature and allow your receiver to be satisfied with what they got. Here are some of the reasons why considering the safety of products through having the proper supplies are needed:

  • Gives a good impression to the receiver
  • Helps in protecting your sent product or item
  • Can be a good marketing strategy
  • Lessen the impact of unnecessary factors, so it has less damage

5 Must-Have Packaging and Shipping Supplies for Your Business

Packaging and shipping your items needing delivery can be handled professionally through http://www.awesomepack.com.au/, or you can do it independently. Just in case you are enthusiastic about having it done on your own, here are some must-haves for your packaging process that will ensure great customer service and delivery experience for your business:

1. Cushioning Materials

Always remember to put cushioning materials to protect your item from the shock or vibration it will encounter as it is shipped. You may use the following for this purpose:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Styrofoam or packing peanuts
  • Foam covers
  • Recycled Cardboard inserts
  • Recycled paper sheets

2. Tapes and Adhesives

Proper tapes and adhesives are needed for your sealing and security to close any openings and keep your product in place. You must consider as well the standard type of tape to use, such as:

  • Duct Tape
  • Plastic Tape
  • General Packaging Tape

A useful tip in choosing the proper tape for your safe and proper packaging is the ones with labels that can catch the attention of those handling it. Especially fragile products and easily perishable ones.

3. Proper Size of Boxes

Ensure your item is in snug fit in the box you place. Variations of boxes are available to accommodate whatever size product there is being packed and is to be shipped. Please note that it is important to have your boxes labeled properly so that your item can be handled properly by those in charge of shipping it. Most boxes have these already, as it is the standard.

4. Mailing Envelopes

Smaller items will be much better if inserted into mailing envelopes that can be sealed right at the top. This way, you have less cost in purchasing your packaging to be used, and it can have more cushioning.

5. Plastic or Paper Wraps

Any customer or client will not enjoy a basic package and not properly wrapped. Your shipment must be wrapped in plastic or paper for more presentable packaging and additional protection.

All About Proper Packaging and Shipping

Learning about the proper packaging and shipping must-haves for your business can increase your customer’s experience and make them more loyal to your brand. Most professionals attribute good impressions and better satisfaction to how the packaging is once they receive their shipment. Shipping your business’ product with professionals can do wonders for it also.


Don’t be afraid to invest in the proper packaging and shipping supplies to curate a more personalized, safe, and worthy presentation of your business’ brand. These must-have supplies come in all packages, so choosing what is ideal for your product won’t be a hassle.