Best Solo Female Hiking Destinations

Whilst no female should be discouraged from traveling solo, we have to recognize some of the risks and dangers which do present themselves to women in certain countries. Armed with a little cultural knowledge however and some safety protocols, girls can have just as great a time as the boys when they travel alone. So without further wait, here are the best solo female hiking destinations.

Of the great many activities which you could get up to during your travels, hiking to beauty spots and discovering trails in nature is something which so many travelers enjoy. If you are a female flying solo and you love to wander through the natural world, check out some of these trips and trails from around the world.

Gokyo Lakes Trek, Nepal

In terms of top hiking destinations there is no doubt that Nepal should be at the top of your list. There are numerous trails throughout Nepal’s rocky landscape, and the Gokyo Lakes trek is certainly the most picturesque. You’ll need a good level of physical fitness for this route, which showcases the peaks of mountains like Everest and Lhoste. The real charm of this trek is the piercing blue waters of the lakes which you will see en-route and at atop the 5,000 meter high trail.

Inca Trail, Peru 

Machu Picchu is on the bucket list of most travelers and whist visiting the archaeological site is a great experience, taking the 4 day trek which terminates at the ancient site. This trek will lead you through ruins and breathtaking natural settings as you follow in the footsteps of the Incas who occupied these lands some 600 years ago. The trail is closed each February for restoration, so be sure to map out your trip during the rest of the year.  

Mount Toubkal, Morocco

This is the highest peak in northern Africa and offers a great option to any solo females traveling through Morocco. The majority of tours start in Marrakesh and what is most attractive about this particular trail is that you can complete it in 4-5 days, ideal for those making an express trip. Heading up through the Atlas Mountains is a magical experience, and so too is staying in the local hostels and eating traditional cuisine. Whilst the route can be tough, the majority of people will find this more than achievable, the biggest issue is latitude so be sure that you don’t rush your way up. 

Everest Base Camp, Nepal

Hitting the peak of the world’s highest mountain may be a bridge too far for most people, but trekking up to base camp is a perfect alternative. This trek will challenge you but setting foot on such a famous mountain makes the trail worthwhile. Base camp sits at 5,300 meters above sea level, and the views are absolutely spectacular. For the best experience make sure that you trek between September and October. 

Torres del Paine, Argentina 

And finally we have the lesser known Torres del Paine trek in Argentina, where you will find a circular route that takes between 7 and 9 days to complete. If you are in good shape then you can in fact manage the 130km trek in 5 to 6 days. The trail meanders through river ways, mystic forests and wide open planes with incredible views of the surrounding mountains. The Inca trail may be South America’s most well-known, whereas Torres del Paine may very well be its best kept secret. 

These are some of the best options for solo females who love to go hiking as they travel. Check coupons online for the best travel deals to get to where you’re going for less and save some more money for the activities you want to do. Do you have any more best solo female hiking destinations to recommend?

Ngong Hills, Kenya

The Ngong Hills in Kenya near Nairobi are a ridge covered in verdant green grasses and trees that make an amazing place to go for a hike. Ngong is an Anglicization of the Maasai word for “rhinoceros spring”. Kenya has lots of great nature reserves to hike or go on safaris. Check to double check entry requirements and if you need a visa to enter the country.