From Agave to Your Door: The Convenience of Buying Craft Tequila Online

If you thought agave spirits were limited to margaritas and other mixed drinks, think again. You can find specialty bottles your local liquor store probably doesn’t carry online.

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Getting a good quality tequila online is easy and convenient. You can browse various brands and select the best one for your budget. You can also check out tequila varieties and decide which is best for you.

In today’s digital age, the ease and convenience of modern shopping extend to the world of spirits; enthusiasts can explore a diverse array of options and make informed choices with the ability to buy tequila online from reputable retailers.

Tequila is becoming increasingly popular as a straight sipper, and some people even consider it healthier than other spirits like bourbon or scotch. Experts believe this trend is due to tequila’s “health halo,” which includes the belief that it’s made with only natural ingredients.

Tequila can be used in various cocktails, like margaritas and tequila sunrise. It can be mixed with multiple flavors, including orange juice, vermouth, and pineapple juice, to create a unique drink. You can also use tequila to make shaken martini-like drinks and refreshing sodas. This makes it an excellent option for those looking to build a bar at home. You can find the perfect tequila to suit your taste.


If you’ve given up honey or are a vegan looking for a healthier alternative sweetener, chances are you’ve encountered agave syrup. But what exactly is it, and does it have any health benefits?

This includes agave spirits produced by brands that adhere to trusted production practices, such as using agave grown at the same place where the tequila is made. Note that this is important because many large tequila producers have no association with the agave farms they use. This lack of transparency can hurt the quality of the tequila.


While mass-produced tequila is cheaper and more convenient, many consumers want a product with premium ingredients. This is especially true for those looking to upgrade their sipping experience to something more like bourbon or scotch.

On rolling hills, agave farmers spend nearly a decade tending to their blue, spiky succulents until they reach maturity. These hearty plants are then harvested, pulverized, and distilled to create tequila and mezcal.

Craft tequila brands focus on quality from start to finish, from selecting the right agave in its geographical location that matured to harvesting the pinas at their best point of sweetness to using the traditional brick oven for cooking to ensure only the natural sugars are extracted, to mastering the distilling process that delivers a smooth product with a distinctive flavor profile. These tequilas are crafted in smaller batches, allowing quality control from the agave to the bottle.

And it’s also why he and his co-founders think that the smaller, local distilleries are a good indicator of a brand’s quality.


Those who buy craft tequila online often seek to find the best value for their money. Aside from the convenience, many online stores offer various discounts for their customers to take advantage of. These can be found in the form of free shipping or coupon codes.

In agave spirits, several brands are leading the charge in bringing lesser-known drinks to American bars. For instance, a range of espadin-based mezcals from small villages opens the door for other types of agave distillates to sashay onto cocktail menus alongside tequila.

Experts believe that the quality of tequila comes down to the quality of raw ingredients, the traditional way of cooking (brick ovens to ensure only the best sugars are extracted from the agave), mastery of distilling, and, finally, the passion and dedication of people behind the brand. In his view, smaller distilleries, with more control over the process from start to finish, can produce more unique tequilas than giant factories that simultaneously produce tequila for dozens of different brands.

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In a time when tequila struggles to shed its reputation as the spirit of bad choices and blacked-out college years, more bartenders are opening their palates to lesser-known agave spirits. It is perfect for mindful margaritas or palomas and can also reduce the alcohol content of existing cocktails.

Distilled from the heart of the parryi huachucensis plant, it provides a rich and sweet flavor with a smooth finish. It’s naturally low in glycemic index, so it helps keep your blood sugar levels balanced without spikes and crashes.

The company seeks out independent family producers not represented by larger distillers or distributors and supports their palenqueros by providing autonomy for production and fair pricing. In return, a profit is shared with the producers, providing transparency into the complicated economics of selling spirits into the tiered alcohol distribution system prevalent in the United States.