Why Portable Storage Container Rental Is Worth It

Portable storage containers are an excellent option if you plan on moving or need temporary outdoor storage for a home renovation. You can keep the container at your house or transport it to a remote storage facility.

Regardless of your moving logistics, here are five reasons portable storage container rental is worth it!


Moving and storing your stuff can be a time-consuming process. Renting a truck means you must pack everything within a specific window, which can take hours or even days if you’re not careful.

Portable storage containers offer a more convenient way to clear out your home during a renovation, for example. Instead of hauling items to and from a storage facility, you can have a container delivered to your driveway or backyard for as long as needed.

Companies have three sizes of steel-framed containers that are rented by the month. You can also keep the unit at your home as onsite storage or transport it to your new residence if you’re on a longer moving timeline. Typically, this option includes 30 days of storage in the initial price. You can visit this site, https://www.valtran.com, for more information.


Renting portable storage containers is typically about half the cost compared to traditional storage units. The prices vary depending on the size of the container and whether it will be kept on your property or transported to a remote location. In addition, some companies offer accessories like tie-down rings and locks for an additional fee that protect items from inclement weather or theft.

Whether your home is overflowing or your retail business needs a place to stash extra inventory, portable storage containers are a great space-saving solution. Plus, monthly rental fees are cheaper than paying for off-site warehouse space. Moreover, leasing options’ flexibility allows you to tailor your storage needs to your specific timeline. This saves time and money, a win for businesses and families.


We all start to accumulate a little clutter at home or work, but when you use a portable storage container rental, you can keep your items safe for as long as you need. Unlike traditional storage units, which are stored in a warehouse, these containers can be held onsite where you want them and are easy to access when needed.

Additionally, these units are made of sturdy Corten steel and have a variety of locks to prevent theft and vandalism. These factors make them an excellent choice for job sites, construction projects, and remote locations that need extra space to store materials and equipment. They also provide peace of mind, knowing your items are safe from harsh weather and extreme temperatures.


Shipping containers (cargo boxes) are one of the most secure onsite storage options. They are highly durable and are usually equipped with heavy-gauge steel doors and locks. They are also weatherproof and less susceptible to pests than traditional self-storage units.

The only drawback to cargo container rental is that they are more significant than traditional storage units. This may be a problem if you need to store a large quantity of items or if your space is limited.

Still, a cargo box rental is worth it if you want a secure and convenient option. It’s beneficial to store belongings before closing on a new home or if you’re renovating your house and need to create more floor space.


Whether you’re a DIY homeowner who needs to store tools and building materials or a contractor with overflow equipment and supplies, rental containers provide lockable, secure storage onsite. Likewise, businesses must keep inventory and overflow in safe storage until they can fill orders. Companies that handle hazardous chemicals need container storage to protect the environment and reduce risk.

Portable moving containers also work well for homeowners who need to move their furniture and belongings during a home renovation. They can be delivered onsite and re-loaded after each project phase or stored off-site until the home is ready to move back into.

The same goes for clubs, schools, museums – any activity that requires storing equipment, materials, or archives. Containers are lockable and weatherproof to keep items safe and secure, deterring theft and damage.