5 Methods to Break into The Hospitality Industry

Venturing into the hospitality industry isn’t as simple as it looks. It is one thing waiting tables in a restaurant and it is another thing taking care of a full-blown restaurant as a chef. It requires you to have proper knowledge and expertise.

Usually, the first step is to acquire a hospitality management degree and then proceed with further education and career advancements too. With the hospitality industry, you have different aspects to pay attention to like hotels, restaurants, tourism, event planning, etc.

If you are considering breaking into the hospitality industry, there are a few factors that you have to pay close attention to. 

1. Education and training

A solid foundation for breaking into the hospitality industry is to learn the basics, especially with respect to relevant education in the industry, including a degree in hotel management, culinary arts, tourism, etc. Not only do you have to acquire the relevant degrees, you also need to prioritize getting started with relevant apprenticeships to gain hands-on experience in the field.

2. Networking and industry events

Building a strong professional network is key to breaking into the hospitality industry. You can attend industry conferences, seminars and trade shows as well. When you network with the right people and connect with professionals, it allows you to build your portfolio quite quickly. Finding relevant events can be a little challenging but you have to find them through local communities or LinkedIn platforms accordingly.

3. Gain relevant experience

Hands-on experience is crucial when you are in the hospitality industry. You can start with entry level positions to gain hands-on experience in the industry. It could be something along the lines of working as front desk receptionist, server, or kitchen assistant to gain exposure in the industry too. These roles not only provide practical experience but also help individuals develop essential customer service and communication skills.

4. Develop soft skills

Besides developing technical skills, you also need to work on developing soft skills when you are working in the hospitality industry. Some of the elements to pay attention to would include communication, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills. Hospitality professionals often work in dynamic and fast-paced environments, requiring the ability to adapt quickly and handle challenging situations with grace.

5. Stay informed and adopt 

The hospitality industry is constantly evolving, with trends and consumer preferences changing rapidly. Adaptability is a key trait among hospitality professionals, so if you aren’t able to adapt to the dynamic changes and shifts and stay ahead of the curve. You have to proactively seek opportunities that will help with professional development and attend workshops and even engage in consistent learning experiences along the way.


Breaking into the hospitality industry requires a combination of education, experience, networking, and adaptability. Tapping into this particular industry is not complicated at all. All you have to do is find relevant factors that will help you progress in the relevant industry with ease and prosperity. If you want to position yourself for success, it becomes easier for you to grow seamlessly in it.