A New Chapter in Gambling Led by Visionary Women CEOs

In the dynamic world of sports betting and online gambling, a seismic shift is underway, led by two formidable women CEOs who are redefining the industry’s landscape. Amy Howe, the CEO of FanDuel Group, and Jette Nygaard-Andersen, the CEO of global gaming company Entain, are not only challenging the traditionally male-dominated sector but also bringing a fresh perspective on customer acquisition and fiscal responsibility.

Revolutionizing the Gambling Industry

Amy Howe, upon taking the helm at FanDuel, immediately made waves with her critical view on the industry’s spending habits, particularly in customer acquisition. Her approach is to reach a broad audience in a fiscally responsible manner, a strategy that is reshaping how the industry operates. Similarly, Jette Nygaard-Andersen of Entain has voiced concerns about the unsustainable spending on advertising and promotions in the U.S. online gambling industry. Both CEOs, having assumed their roles last year, are compelling the industry to rethink its financial strategies.

Innovative Customer Acquisition Strategies

Nygaard-Andersen advocates for a different approach to customer acquisition, focusing on the recreational aspects of gaming entertainment, including free-to-play games. This strategy has proven successful for Entain, which saw a significant increase in its global customer database. Entain, co-owner of BetMGM with MGM Resorts, has also seen substantial growth in market share for internet gaming and casino games.

Investing in Technology and Diversity

Entain has announced a GBP100 million investment in an innovation lab, Ennovate, aiming to foster cutting-edge technology and apply these innovations for environmental or societal benefits. Nygaard-Andersen emphasizes the importance of technology being free from biases, particularly in programming data sets and artificial intelligence. Entain’s investment in Girls Who Code is a testament to their commitment to closing the gender gap in technology.

FanDuel’s Commitment to Inclusion and Female Empowerment

Amy Howe is passionate about expanding opportunities, particularly for women. With 50% of sports fans being women, but only a small percentage participating in sports betting, Howe sees a significant opportunity. FanDuel, under Howe’s leadership, is actively supporting female athletes and promoting women’s sports, aiming to authentically target female customers. Howe’s commitment to mentorship and networking with other women further strengthens her vision for a more inclusive industry.

FanDuel’s Expansion into the North Carolina Market

In its ongoing effort to broaden its presence in the sports betting industry, FanDuel has taken a notable step by venturing into the North Carolina market. This significant expansion is underscored by the launch of the FanDuel North Carolina promo, a key strategy aimed at capturing the attention of new customers in the area. This development not only underscores FanDuel’s escalating prominence in the realm of sports wagering but also shines a light on the company’s forward-thinking tactics in penetrating new markets and enhancing customer engagement.


This article sheds light on the transformative changes in the gambling industry, spearheaded by Amy Howe of FanDuel and Jette Nygaard-Andersen of Entain. These women CEOs are redefining industry norms with their focus on sustainable customer acquisition and a commitment to diversity and technological innovation. The piece also highlights FanDuel’s strategic expansion into North Carolina, a move that underscores the company’s growth and adaptability in the competitive sports betting landscape. This expansion, marked by the “FanDuel North Carolina promo,” is a clear indicator of FanDuel’s ambition to broaden its market reach and influence under visionary leadership.