Attention Women Entrepreneurs: You Should Consider Outsourcing These Areas Of Your Startup

Today’s world of female entrepreneurship comes with so much support when compared to the past. The beauty of today’s business world is starting a business can be done from the comfort of home. Finding a niche and thriving is about creating a great team. Sticking with what you are proficient at and improving other areas can make you a more complete professional. 

Business founders need to understand that they cannot take on the corporate world alone. Work-life balance is essential for all professionals so they can reduce the chances of burnout. Pushing too hard can be terrible for mental health, which needs to rejuvenate daily. Outsourcing is much easier than in the past, as technology has made it seamless. Below are areas of your startup you should consider outsourcing due to cost and efficiency. 

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can seem like a whirlwind to learn as there are so many aspects to online marketing. SEO is important as search engine optimization can help a company rank at the top of search engine results. SEO is not only impacted by the content on the website but also the content the company generates. Publishing content on relevant sites allows a company to climb rankings quickly as they build its authority on a topic.

The website needs to be well-designed with user experience, and SEO kept in mind. The website loading times on pages can even impact rankings. The site architecture has to be clear enough to navigate the website quickly and efficiently. Selling items directly from a website will require a secure checkout process and consistent maintenance. 

Hiring an agency can eliminate the need to hire a number of marketing professionals to handle them all. Consult and get pitches/plans from multiple agencies. Asking for results can make the choice clear if the agency has helped a related business reach new heights. Most agencies will have case studies as to how they helped other brands as a part of their sales materials. 


Accounting is an area of business that might scare those that have a phobia of doing math. Technology has made it easier to keep track of certain finances. Tax season can be so important for a startup, as finding tax breaks can help maximize profitability. Working with an accounting firm can be very wise as you won’t have to hire an accountant in-house. District Advisory, which offers outsourced accounting in Washington DC, notes,” Startups need to perfect accounting in order to free up money for other areas. A few mistakes coupled with IRS penalties can cripple cash flow for a fledgling startup. 

Getting A Few Virtual Assistants 

The freelance world is full of talented virtual assistants that can help with a number of tasks. Administrative tasks commonly include answering emails, scheduling meetings, and following up with clients. Specialized VAs are available that can help with aspects of a business, like SEO or even HR. The support that these individuals can provide to employees can empower each in-house employee. A VA for the sales team can allow the team to sell rather than fill out paperwork. The VA can also keep a team organized as the team will do what they are good at, and that is selling. 

Hiring Outside Of Your First Few Hires

A startup might have a few professionals in mind that it immediately hires. A female entrepreneur likely has worked with a number of talented individuals. Former colleagues can be a perfect addition to a start as you understand their work ethic and quality of work. As a business grows, hiring should be outsourced, as it can take quite a bit of time. Potential hires will be scheduled for interviews with staff so the company can get a feel of an applicant. Employees should be a good culture fit as the wrong person can wreck the morale in the office. 

Hiring software can be another option that helps identify top applicants for a particular position. AI is used to identify these candidates, which helps save time due to not having to sift through resumes. Scheduling interviews and even rejections can be done in an automated manner which saves even more time. Look into the various options for hiring software, as it can increase the average quality of hire at your business. If you’re looking to fill a higher level position, you may want to partner with an agency like CulverCareers that can more effectively vet candidates as well as provide a quick turnover due their extensive network.

Women entrepreneurs can help empower other women entrepreneurs through outsourcing. Meetups can be an incredible place to find partners with whom your business contracts work to. Building a professional network full of mutually beneficial relationships is a recipe for success.