Empowering Teachers Through Orange Curriculum for Kids

There is more to Orange than just curriculum for kids. It’s a large group of ministry leaders, educators, researchers, counselors, writers, artists, and producers dedicated to equipping churches to nurture the faith and future of children and youth.

An Orange Specialist is one example of this team. They help church leaders discover best practices for their unique contexts.

Make It Personal

The curriculum offers students a variety of experiences that make the lesson personal to them. From acting out a story to conducting a science experiment, they encourage engagement and provide a learning style that suits the needs of each student. This is essential to student success as they are more likely to enjoy the lesson and retain the information they learn when they are engaged.

They provide unique videos of their Storyteller bible lessons to help their students connect with the Bible meaningfully. These videos act as audiovisual supplements to the study and allow children who may be uncomfortable speaking in front of a group or don’t have a strong reading voice to participate.

In addition to the Storyteller bible lessons, they offer a variety of leadership resources for small group leaders that will walk them through how to lead each week’s lesson and how to relate it to their home life. This is an essential aspect of their strategy as they aim to bridge the gap between family and church so that children can keep their faith at home.

Keep It Relevant

The Orange curriculum for kids is designed to be culturally appropriate and engaging. It is often rooted in popular culture, including music and movies. This helps grab students’ attention, making it easier for them to learn. It also incorporates fun games and activities that allow students to interact with the lesson.

One of the biggest things that sets Orange apart from other kids’ ministry curricula is its focus on family. The company believes parents have the most significant influence on their children and aims to partner with them. They do this by providing resources to help them engage their children spiritually at home.

They also provide a weekly resource for parents called Parent Cue, which includes videos, Bible stories, and verses relevant to each phase of life. Orange also offers several church resources, including recruiting and training volunteers and planning services. They offer age-based content for preschool, kids, and preteens, and their resources are designed for many different sizes of churches. They also use 21st-century technology to connect with kids, parents, and leaders.

Make It Fun

For teachers, learning new things in class can be tedious. But a few fun activities can make a lesson more memorable for students. Educational video games are an excellent choice to supplement a task, especially since they often adapt to a student’s knowledge level and learning style.

A few years ago, Curriculum Associates launched a software program called i-Ready that allows students to use a character named Plory to learn about math and reading skills. The software’s wacky characters and humor appealed to students and teachers alike.

The company specializes in developing and publishing educational materials for children. Their history of educating children spans over 50 years, predating Common Core standards and computer-assisted education.

Orange emphasizes a strong partnership with parents, providing resources to encourage family ministry. Their approach to children’s ministry aims to bridge the gap between church and home because two combined influences have more impact than one alone. This has made them a leading voice in shaping the next generation, and thousands of churches utilize their curriculum. They provide content for kids from birth through high school and a series of church resources that promote family discipleship.

Make It Interactive

As the name suggests, Orange’s teaching strategy is about more than just a classroom-based environment. The organization is built around a community of resources for each ministry area, including blogs, downloadable guides, and podcasts. They also host a conference and tour of the country (currently in abeyance due to COVID) where church leaders can come together to share ideas, learn from one another, and be encouraged by fellow pastors and ministry leaders.

Educational video games are incorporated into lessons to engage students mentally and help them process the task. For example, a math game adjusts questions to fit each student’s abilities and learning styles.

A large part of Think Orange’s curriculum is focused on a partnership with parents. Each week, the 252 Kids and XP3 Middle School and High School curriculum includes a Parent Cue that gives parents a weekly devotional to start conversations at home.

In addition, a resource called Family Connect helps families build an unbreakable bond through fun, meaningful events. Orange believes that what happens in the church is only as powerful as at home. Equipping parents with tools and information for faith conversations is essential.

Make It Easy

Despite its profound impact on students, Curriculum Associates is not solely focused on the classroom. The organization has many resources that can be used across the church, not just kids ministry.

One is a tool called i-Ready, which helps teachers better understand what their students need to succeed. It’s a digital tutorial where an orange creature named Plory explains how it all works.

Another resource is the weekly curriculum that Orange provides its church partners. Each week, First Look Preschool Ministry Curriculum and 252 Kids & Preteen Curriculum deliver unique content to churches of all sizes and locations. Each age-based curriculum operates on different scopes and cycles, ensuring that the material you teach each week is fresh and engaging.

Orange provides each First Look and 252 Kids curriculum partner to support its church partners, with access to a trained specialist. These specialists have 500,000 hours of ministry experience and can answer questions, share best practices, and help you grow your ministry. Each curriculum also includes a Parent Cue to equip parents with the theme and discussion points.