Exploring the Natural Wonders of the Cayman Islands With Kids

If you’re looking for family fun on a Caribbean vacation, the Cayman Islands are an excellent choice. The group of three islands floats almost halfway between Cuba and Jamaica in the Western Caribbean. A popular tourist destination, the islands are teeming with natural wonders. From bioluminescent plankton to stingrays, you’ll find a range of exciting activities to enjoy on your Cayman vacation. So, hop in the computer and check for last minute all-inclusive deals, get your bags packed, and get ready to experience the following amazing attractions!

Bioluminescent Bay

There are many things to do in Cayman Islands with family. If you have kids, they will love exploring the natural wonders of the Cayman Islands. The island group is almost halfway between Cuba and Jamaica in the Western Caribbean Sea. Whether you explore Grand Cayman, East Cayman Brac or Little Cayman, it’s easy and fun for the entire family! Bioluminescent Bay is a natural phenomenon created when dinoflagellates, tiny algae living in the seawater, absorb light and convert it into energy. These plankton are also found in regular seawater but much more concentrated in bio bays.

Stingray City

Stingray City is one of the most popular natural wonders on the Cayman Islands, located in the North Sound off Rum Point. This shallow sandbar is home to hundreds of Southern Atlantic stingrays, and tourists flock here to pet and feed them. Local legend states that fishermen stopped off at this sandbar to clean their fish, and stingrays were attracted to the free meal. This has resulted in them congregating here to this day, and they are still willing to come as close as possible to a human being. The easiest way to get to Stingray City is by boat; several companies offer tours. Some offer cheap group charters and a good option for families; others offer private tours where you can customize the trip.

Black Pearl Water Park

A British Overseas Territory tucked almost halfway between Cuba and Jamaica, the Cayman Islands is an excellent destination for families. Their sparkling waters, teeming coral reefs and historic shipwrecks beckon snorkelers, scuba divers, beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts alike. If you’re looking for a unique way to explore the natural wonders of the Cayman Islands with kids, take the Ambassadors of the Environment tour. This educational eco-tour will introduce your children to the ecology of local marine life, historic shipwrecks and the rich cultural traditions of the Islands. Another great way to get close to nature is to explore the Mastic Trail. This 3.7-kilometer-long trail takes you through dry forest, silver thatch palms and black mangrove wetland. You’ll also see wild orchids and birds.

Atlantis Submarines

Explore the natural wonders of the Cayman Islands with your kids with this family-friendly tour. You’ll see Japanese seaweed farms, a WWII plane wreckage and a sunken ship, home to schools of Barracuda, Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles and Black Tip Sharks. During this Oahu Atlantis Submarine tour, you’ll be guided by dedicated naturalists who will tell you about the diverse marine life you’ll see during the experience. You’ll also be able to watch the underwater landscape from large portholes in the submarine’s cabin, which allows you to look down and enjoy a clear view of the ocean floor. Atlantis Submarines is an adventure experience company that operates submarine tours in Grand Cayman, Barbados, Aruba, Guam, St. Thomas and Cozumel. They were founded by the former designer of submersibles for North Sea oil rigs, Dennis Hurd, and have since launched the world’s first commercial passenger submarine tours in Grand Cayman. They operate all-electric battery-powered passenger submarines that dip to over 100 feet below the ocean surface.

Cayman Islands National Museum

If you’re planning on staying in the Cayman Islands for a while, there are several activities that you can do with your family. From snorkeling tours to diving excursions, you can find everything you need to make your vacation memorable. One place that you should visit is the Cayman Islands National Museum, located in George Town. The museum is housed in the former Old Courts Building, originally constructed in 1833 and has served as a jail, courthouse, schoolhouse and library. The museum has permanent and changing exhibits that showcase the natural and cultural history of the Cayman Islands. They also have a submarine booth allowing children to dive into the ocean and see marine life from below.

In addition, they have a cultural history gallery that tells visitors about Cayman’s past during colonial times. In the same gallery, kids can peek into a real jail to see what living as a prisoner in this tiny space was like.

You can also visit the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park in Grand Cayman, which consists of colorful gardens with local flowers and plants and a lake habitat for aquatic birds. It’s one of the best places to explore the island with kids; you can’t miss it.