How to Help Your Kids Learn About Nature: 4 Essential Tips

Things are way different now than they were several years ago. Back in the day, when we were children, most of us loved playing outside for hours and we hated when it was time to return home.

These were nothing but carefree moments of freedom when we were climbing trees, running like crazy, splashing in streams, and so many different things. But these things can rarely be seen among kids today.

However, that doesn’t mean that it’s too late to show them how wonderful nature can be and how we should love and cherish it all the time. If you would to teach the children to fall in love with nature just like we used to, then take a look at my tips below.

Opt For Local Adventure Hotspots

Now, this is something that you should definitely try out if your kiddo is a bit older. If that’s not the case, then it would be wise to wait for a while. As your child gets older, he is going to be much more interested in various, dynamic adventures.

Or at least I hope so. However, there are some kids out there who simply cannot imagine their day without using some of their favorite devices. But it’s time for a short break, don’t you agree? For example, find the nearest hotspot where your child won’t be able to use his phone/computer/tablet.

Bye-bye to gadgets! And then after a short period of time, he will most likely be very bored. And that’s actually a great thing because then he will start paying attention to his surroundings and will most likely realize how beautiful it is. I personally have always been a huge fan of camping, hence if you ask me, that’s something that I would definitely plan with my kiddo. It doesn’t have to be anything that’s too long. Even one day will get the job done.

But just to remind you that if you decide to embark on this journey, then it’s mandatory to leave all the devices at home. I mean, you can bring a camera (if you must) just to capture some special moments.

And then you can bring paper (so you can play games), cards, a ball (if he’s into sports), or any other item that’s going to keep his little mind busy. I know that your child will most likely hate every bit of this idea, but I am absolutely sure that very soon he’ll learn to adore it.

Turn To The Online World As Well

I know that the whole point of this article is to encourage your kid to spend some time outside, so you are probably wondering why am I suggesting something like this. But before you make any further assumptions, listen to me carefully.

Namely, if your child is a typical internet addict, yet you want him to learn about nature as much as possible, then you must hunt down websites that will show him in a super-amusing way how nature “functions”. 

If you do not believe there are good ones, then you are seriously wrong. A few days ago, I stumbled upon several sites that showcase videos of various topics related to nature. Some of them are even helping kids learn about earthquakes, which is a superb idea. I mean, if your kiddo is not particularly interested in these things, then I believe that through these sorts of videos, he will slowly develop an interest in these topics.

What About Documentaries?

Most families have their family movie nights, where they gather in the living room, bring some yummy snacks and drinks, and prepare themselves for a fun movie experience. But would you like to spice things up by suggesting documentaries, instead of fiction movies?

I mean, this refers to parents who have older kids, because I am aware of the fact that extremely young children won’t understand a thing, or would probably fall asleep as soon as they saw the title.

I mean, there are so many spectacular documentaries that you can either hunt down on the internet or in the library. I would just like to remind you that if your kiddo is too sensitive, or an avid animal lover, then please pick documentaries where predator animals killing their prey aren’t showcased.

I mean, there are so many awesome alternatives, that include things like showcasing unusual species, migration, and many other things. If you could use some recommendations when it comes to this, then I suggest watching

  • Before the Flood from 2016
  • Walking with Prehistoric Beasts from 2001
  • The Last Lions from 2011
  • Wild China from 2008
  • Samsara from 2011

Once you’re done with watching a documentary, then make sure to take some time to discuss it to see whether you liked it or not. And if he liked it, then ask him what was specifically interesting to him and whether he is in the mood to watch something else that’s nature-related.

Oh, Having A Picnic Is An Awesome Idea

When I was younger, the thing I love the most is having a picnic with my grandparents and siblings. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon or morning. I am not afraid to admit that things haven’t significantly changed when it comes to this.

I still enjoy having a picnic on a lovely sunny day. That’s something I think both adults and youngsters love doing. It’s a perfect way to spend the day outside, observe nature (and play some interesting things of course) and, at the same time, learn something new.

Use this opportunity to grab an interesting book that’s dedicated to nature and read it to your little one. I am positively sure that this environment will encourage him to listen to whatever you have to say. And of course, do not forget to bring a huge basket of delicious foods and drinks (his favorites) and do some sunbathing.

As you can see, learning something new doesn’t have to be dull or annoying to children. I mean these ideas that I mentioned today are not only super engaging but beneficial as well, so be sure to implement them!