Is Electrical Engineering a Good Career?

The advancing technology and the constantly rising demand for energy resources have grown a need for electrical engineers in every industry. The world without electricity is unimaginable and so are our lives. Electricity is required in every aspect of our day-to-day life which is why it is considered to be one of the best creations of humans. 

Professionals who hold a degree in electrical engineering have a great career scope as there are thousands of job opportunities in this field. From private IT sector firms to government organizations every one values an electrical engineer. 

woman engineer working on a circuit board

Electrical Engineering

The field that sheds light on the study, creation and design of equipment that uses electromagnetism, electronics and electricity is known as electrical engineering. The sector is very much in demand as industries are always looking forward to developing and innovating new products. This sector is focused on designing, building and constructing electrical devices that are unique and innovative in every way.

This field emerged from the implementation of the law of Induction by Michael Faraday. It is not necessary that individuals who are in this field are only obliged to do one job. In fact, there are a variety of job roles which engineers can have.

Electrical engineers are required to supervise, design and plan multiple projects. The different roles for them require them to have different and distinctive skills. There is not a single boring day for an electrical engineer as there is always something challenging to do. This makes this field a very good career option for people who are looking for that spark in their work.

Why choose Electrical engineering as a career option?

So, is electrical engineering a good career? Electrical engineering is among the top career options for the upcoming years. For young individuals who are looking for a successful yet interesting field, electrical engineering is ideal for them. Once you get a professional degree in this field, you can give the FE electrical exam and as soon as you pass it you are eligible to apply in the leading industries like aerospace, automobile etc. 

For a promising result, you can do FE electrical exam prep from a reliable online website. You will be surprised to witness the scope of this field once you get certified. Hundreds of promising jobs will be available to you.

Here are some reasons why you should choose electrical engineering as a career:

  • Career Opportunities are available Globally.

The good part about electrical engineering is that it is such a versatile career option that you can find a job anywhere in the world after getting a professional degree. The fact that the guiding principles of physics, electrical applications and mathematics are constant everywhere, the degree is accepted by most of the global companies. 

Countries across the globe have a very high demand for electrical engineers who are skilled and qualified.

  • Starting Salaries are Lucrative.

We all are looking for a career that pays us a lucrative salary. Electrical engineering is one field that not only pays handsomely in the later years but also gets you a pretty good salary in the initial years of your career which is a very attractive incentive for the youth. Companies are often looking for freshers so that they can be trained according to the company’s requirements and needs. This helps the freshers gain sufficient training, a good paying job and efficient skills that would help to get a salary raise later.

  • The Demand is Never-Ending.

Unlike other fields, the demand for electrical engineers will always be on the rise as the technology sector is rapidly growing and expanding. Companies will always need a skilled and freshly qualified electrical engineer who can come up with new and innovative electronic solutions. 

  • High Career Growth Scope.

Most of the multinational companies offer skill-oriented training for freshers. This means that even if you have freshly started your career, such training will improve your skill-set and you will have a high scope for career growth in the industry.

Once you have gained sufficient work experience, you can choose to study further and refine your skills so that your career touches its peak. Electrical engineers have a higher growth scope so all the studying years are worth the hard work.

  • Recession-Proof Career.

Unlike others, electrical engineers will always have a career boom no matter what the situation in the world is. This sector is recession-proof as even during the pandemic times when the world was in a lockdown stage, electrical engineers were in full demand. They had to find solutions to the problems arising due to the lockdown. Also, they ensured that people had access to electricity in their homes, smooth functioning healthcare facilities so that medical care could be provided to patients in need and uninterrupted Wi-Fi service to people who were working from home. 

It is an ideal job for people who are looking for a challenging yet recession-proof career.

  • Hands-on Job.

If you are someone looking for no room for boredom or a non-desk job then electrical engineering is the right career option. The constant need for innovation would require you to develop problem solving and analytical skills so that you can work effectively in the industry.

  • Multi-dimensional Career Option.

One of the reasons to pursue electrical engineering as a career option is the fact that you can make your portfolio enhanced by adding more relevant specializations. This would help you gain better career growth opportunities. Moreover, you can also pursue your career in telecommunications, radio-frequency engineering, power engineering and microelectronics. In short, electrical engineering is a multi-specialization and multidimensional career path.


One of the best career options for this year and the coming is electrical engineering and the above reasons clearly prove why. An engineering degree from a well-known institute and a FE exam certification can help you get job opportunities in the leading organizations. So do not hesitate in pursuing a career in the field of electrical engineering and thank us later. So, do you think electrical engineering is a good career?