Lauren Carey – Travel and Lifestyle Influencer!


Background on Lauren Carey

In the world of travel blogging and digital nomadism, few names resonate as strongly as Lauren Carey. With her captivating Instagram account boasting over 33,000 dedicated followers, Lauren has established herself as a prominent influencer and travel blogger. Her journey from a small town in Massachusetts to becoming a globetrotting content creator is nothing short of inspiring. Let’s delve into the life and adventures of Lauren Carey, the influencer and travel blogger extraordinaire.

A Small Town Beginning

Lauren Carey hails from Mendon, a quaint town in central Massachusetts with a population of only 6,000. Despite its size, Mendon boasts attractions like a zoo and a drive-in movie theater, providing Lauren with fond memories of her hometown. It was here that she nurtured her love for exploration, which eventually led her to embark on her nomadic lifestyle.

The Journey to Becoming an Influencer

Lauren Carey’s career as a content editor and layout specialist for an American tech start-up allowed her to showcase her writing skills. However, her true passion lay in travel blogging. Alongside her full-time job, Lauren started her own travel blog,, where she shared her experiences and insights from her nomadic lifestyle.

Embracing the Nomadic Life

Lauren’s nomadic journey began with a move to Bangkok, Thailand, where she spent two years immersing herself in the vibrant Southeast Asian culture. She then embarked on a fully nomadic lifestyle, venturing to 17 countries in just 12 months. From Southeast Asia to Europe, South America to Central America, Lauren has traversed the globe, embracing the freedom to live and work from anywhere with a stable internet connection.

The Sweetness of Nomadic Freedom

For Lauren, the allure of being a digital nomad lies in the freedom it affords her. Waking up in the morning, opening her laptop, and being at the office is a luxury she cherishes. The ability to live in different locations, meet new people, and immerse herself in diverse cultures is a constant source of inspiration for her. The world is her office, and the possibilities are endless.

The Challenges of a Nomadic Lifestyle

While the nomadic life is undoubtedly rewarding, it also presents its fair share of challenges. One of the biggest drawbacks for Lauren is missing out on important moments with family and friends back home. Additionally, living out of a suitcase and wearing the same clothes repeatedly can become tiresome. However, Lauren has learned to adapt and find comfort in the unfamiliar, even though she occasionally longs for the comforts of home.

Unforgettable Adventures

Lauren’s nomadic life has been filled with incredible adventures, making it difficult to choose just one as the craziest. However, two standout moments come to mind. The first was her impulsive decision to quit her corporate real estate job in Boston at the age of 27 and move to Thailand. The second was flying from Bangkok to Spain for a first date, a bold move that speaks volumes about Lauren’s adventurous spirit.

Future Plans and Beyond

As a true nomad, Lauren embraces spontaneity when it comes to her travel plans. After her time in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, with the Wifi Tribe, a co-living and co-working community of digital nomads, she intends to spend some time in Mexico City before heading back to Massachusetts to reconnect with her loved ones. The future beyond that remains undefined, as Lauren prefers to keep her options open and seize opportunities as they arise.

Connect with Lauren Carey

To stay updated with Lauren’s travel adventures and insights, follow her on social media:

  • Twitter: @girlgoneabroad
  • Instagram: @girlegoneabroad

Lauren Carey’s journey from a small town in Massachusetts to becoming a digital nomad, influencer, and travel blogger is a testament to her passion for exploration and storytelling. Through her blog and social media presence, she has inspired countless individuals to embrace a life of freedom and adventure. As Lauren continues to roam the globe, we eagerly anticipate her next destination and the stories she will share with her devoted followers.