Signs That You Need Furnace Repairs

You may have inherited a furnace in the place that you bought, or you might have had yours for a while. One day, it begins acting funny. Should you be concerned and have a technician come take a look at it? Before you go ahead and do an online search for “furnace repair in Portland,” you should know these signs. If what you’re  experiencing falls under that criteria, then you can safely make that call.

You Have a Spike in Energy Bill Costs

If a furnace is working like it should, then your energy bills should stay pretty consistent each year. If you notice that there is a higher bill than usual and there hasn’t been any change in the rates, then your furnace could be the culprit. If it’s not working like it should, then it can use up more energy than normal. That will drive your bill up. Time to get a furnace technician to come take a look.

It’s Been a While Since You Last Had It Serviced

Even the most reliable piece of equipment needs regular tune-ups. Otherwise, it will start losing its effectiveness. Your furnace is one of those things. Have someone come take a look at it. There may be parts that need to be cleaned or fixed so that they don’t cause future problems. While the service call will cost  money, usually, the money you save from having to make even more expensive repairs or even replacing the furnace completely will be well worth it.

Your Pilot Light Has Changed Color

When you look at your pilot light, it should be bright blue. That indicates that it’s strong and will work as intended. If it’s another color, like yellow, then you need to have someone come fix it, since it can mean that the flame is weak. A weak flame won’t heat up the things that it’s supposed to. The pro will get it back to its strong blue color.

You Have Trouble Turning the Furnace On

This is one of the clearest signs that you need to get a professional to fix your furnace. The last thing you want is a slow-functioning furnace when the temperature outside is frigid — and that’s not even considering the wind. Both for your safety and your comfort, you must contact the furnace repair company as soon as possible.

You Hear Strange Sounds Coming From Your Furnace

Just like hearing something odd coming from your air conditioning is a sign that something has happened in there, the same goes for the furnace. This is especially dangerous if the cause of the sounds possibly blocks certain ducts, since it could lead to back-up and toxic fumes. As soon as you hear the sounds, or if you feel light-headed, you should open some windows and get the professionals to come take a look.

This isn’t an entirely exhaustive list. There are things to keep your eyes, noses, and ears open for – like excess dust near the furnace vent or the furnace looking old. You can also listen to your gut. If something seems wrong, then don’t hesitate to ask for professionals.

These signs are pretty clear ones that something is going on with your furnace. Some of them could lead to something quite dangerous, so it is a good idea to get a professional involved. It could wind up saving you a lot of money in terms of possible damage or even medical bills. That will make it worth it.