The Benefits of Self-Check-In Kiosks for Hotels

Kiosks are a convenient way to help holidaymakers check in, reducing the need for hotels to have staff at the front desk. However, they can be unhygienic and confusing to use.

Guests are used to personalization and autonomy, so it is essential to give them self-service options that make the process quick and easy. Mobile self-check-in with two-way chat and keyless access is a great way to streamline operations without sacrificing guest experience.

Increased Revenue

Self check-in kiosks for hotels are a complete self-service solution that lets guests quickly pre-register, check in, and check out without having to talk with a front desk employee. Using facial recognition or custom QR codes and government-issued ID authentication, the kiosk can verify guest identity, pull up reservation information, add on hotel services, and make a payment to finalize the transaction. During this process, the kiosk can also upsell available items during their stay, driving incremental revenue.

The kiosk also allows guests to bypass lengthy front-desk line wait times, reducing frustration and improving hotel staff productivity. During this time, staff can focus on more critical tasks, like helping guests resolve issues and ensuring their satisfaction.

Although kiosks require an upfront investment, they will save hotels money in the long run by reducing staffing requirements during busy times. This reduction in labor costs is especially beneficial during high season when there is often a shortage of seasonal recruits and increased demand.

Increased Efficiency

Kiosks allow your guests to enter their information, which reduces the chance of data errors. They also allow your team to register more guests during busy times without hiring additional staff.

Additionally, kiosks make it easier to upsell room upgrades or services like breakfast packages and room service. Guests are often more comfortable purchasing these extras when asked on their terms rather than pressured by a hotel staff member.

Kiosks enable your guests to check in and dispense their key cards, which are compatible with your door locks. It means checking in takes only a minute, reducing the need for long waiting queues and improving guest satisfaction. Plus, because they’re contactless during COVID-19, kiosks offer an efficient way to keep your hotel safe for guests and staff.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Modern guests expect a high level of service when they stay at your hotel. However, staff shortages and rising labor costs can make it challenging to provide the standard of customer satisfaction that your customers deserve.

Kiosks can alleviate this by automating routine tasks like guest check-in, checkout, and room service requests. It frees up your hotel’s front desk to handle more pressing concerns.

Using kiosks can also help you generate additional revenue by offering upgrades and add-ons like parking, bike rental, or breakfast packages. Guests are often more comfortable purchasing upgrades while interacting with the kiosk rather than with a hotel staff member.

In addition, kiosks eliminate the risk of human error by requiring guests to input their information into the system. Ensures that the data your hotel receives is accurate and helps you improve guest services with a more personalized approach.

Increased Convenience

Kiosks allow your guests to check in themselves without having to wait. It relieves staff from managing long queues and enables them to focus on other essential tasks. It usually takes up to a few minutes to complete the entire process.

Kiosks also provide an opportunity to upsell additional services and upgrades. Guests are generally more willing to purchase these extras on their terms rather than being pressured by staff members.

The kiosks can automatically input all the required data and reduce the chances of human error. It helps to improve overall guest experience and satisfaction. Moreover, a hotel’s PMS can be integrated with the kiosk to enable guests to book rooms as soon as they become available. This real-time optimization will allow the hotel to save time and resources and redirect their employees to enhance the customer experience further. It will further improve the hotel’s reputation and encourage guest loyalty. Additionally, the self-service kiosk will make your guests feel like they’re getting value for money and not being ripped off.

Increased Security

Many guests are hesitant to use self-check-in kiosks because of security concerns. It is because booths can handle sensitive guest information such as credit card details, names, and addresses. Therefore, they are susceptible to cyber attacks or hacking attempts.

Hotels must invest in a secure and reliable system to mitigate these risks. The solution should have strong encryption capabilities and ensure all information is securely transmitted between the kiosk and hotel servers. Moreover, it should be able to identify and protect all devices from unauthorized access.

Another benefit of a self-check-in kiosk is that it can capture valuable data on your guests’ preferences and requirements. Other departments can then access this data to provide more tailored services.

The automated check-in process also makes upsell upgrades and additional services easier. Staff can approach guests with offers when they are most likely to be interested in purchasing impulse. It also frees up staff to address any urgent or unexpected service issues.