What Are Google Ads?

Google Ads refers to the popular search engine’s pay-per-click advertisement platform. Search ads are the most common, but there are other forms of ads you can run through this platform, including display, shopping and YouTube ads. Here is more about Google ads, how they work and enough details to help you decide which ones are the best fit for your business.

Search Ads

Those first few websites that come up when you search for something that says “Ad” next to the URL are search ads. Google displays one section of these above your organic search results and one below. You focus these on keywords, which are the words that people use to search for products and results in search engines. When you create a search ads campaign, you will have a specific offer for potential customers and choose keywords to target people who would purchase your products.

Any time that someone searches for something on Google, the search engine will check to see if any advertisers have bid on the keywords they used. Google will then enter the keywords into an auction-like system that it uses to choose relevant ads. The more relevant your ads are to someone’s search, the more likely you are to have a higher return on investment because your ads will appear at the top.

Display Ads

Part of Google ads services is display ads, which are found on the third-party websites that are part of the Google Display Network. These can be images, rich format, text or video ads and can target different potential customers based on the filters you apply. Based on the quality of these ads and the filters applied, they can appear on different websites and target customers who are in the market for your products.

Shopping Ads

You can find shopping ads at the top of your search results when you use Google or by going to the “Shopping” tab. These are different from regular search ads because they don’t allow you to target customers based on keywords. Instead, you keep a catalog of your products and Google matches them to people’s searches. However, you can tell Google which keywords do not match your product so you can avoid showing results to uninterested buyers.

YouTube Ads

YouTube ads are also done through Google advertising services since the company owns the platform. These can be display, text or video ads that appear before or during videos. These are like display ads in that they allow you to target specific potential customers easily. You can use the filters available to you to ensure that people who are more likely to buy your products see these ads.

Google ads are a fantastic way to effectively market your business to your target audience. It takes a short amount of time to get your campaign up and running and get more competitive in your chosen industry. However, you need to know your options to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign. Then, you can tailor your ad to your budget and improve your ROI.