Why doesn’t a wedding equal a photo session?

What is a timeless reminder of your beautiful wedding? If the stunning photos come to your mind first, below you will find more food for thought related to wedding photography. 

Well-arranged visual part of the wedding. Is it so important?

The wedding industry is developing together with the whole world. It catches trends and new approaches, accustoms to the new conditions. A beautiful wedding is hard work for the whole team of professionals. And the one who will capture this tremendous artwork is a professional wedding photographer. Stylish decoration, picturesque venue, the happy faces of newlyweds and guests will stay in the photos to remind you of this special day. 

While feeling that capturing every detail is necessary, we tend to forget that the wedding day is a celebration of your love. Dozens of professionally taken photos are important, but the sincere emotions of the couple are the main reason for having a wedding.

More about wedding photo session 

No doubt, a photo session is a must for every wedding. We do not try to talk you out of having it. This vivid and emotional experience is something we rarely have in our everyday life. Willing to preserve these unique moments is so natural. At the same time, we try to point out that a wedding photo session should never take half of the day. 

Talk to the chosen professional wedding photographer about the duration of the photo shoot. Most likely the timing will be no more than a couple of hours. It will be enough to take classic staged photos and portraits of the newlyweds. What is more important is to capture the tiny moments of that day. A gentle smile of your beloved, hugs of your parents, happy tears and emotions of your friends. All these moments do not require special preparation. They require sincerity and the ability to forget about the photographer. 

Not just a photo 

Another approach we do not recommend is thinking that a professional wedding photographer will transform reality. While professionals can do a lot to eliminate the effects of poor lighting or bad weather, nothing can be done if other aspects of the visual part are neglected. 

Preparation is overwhelming, but having a balanced decoration is still necessary. Talk to the decoratorto check whether some impressive elements may cause discomfort during the celebration. For example, too many flowers on the tables look so good in the photos. But most likely they will hinder the eating process for the guests. Pompous bridal bouquets are also looking good, yet they are usually heavy. Remember about the balance and enjoy your wedding day.