Charger Plates – A Must-Have for Your Wedding Tablescapes

Charger plates make a significant impact on your tablescape aesthetic. Choose a style that will balance the types of leaves, bowls, beverage glasses, flatware, serving platters, linens, and centerpieces you will use for your event.

Follow etiquette guidelines for your event, such as removing the charger plate from each guest’s place setting after dinner and serving dessert. Display a doily or pillar candle on the charger to complete your table decor.

They Add Elegance

The tablescape is one of the most important decor elements at your wedding. It sets the tone for your post-ceremony party and serves as a canvas to bring your vision to life. It is also responsible for bringing together your event’s different design elements, colors, and textures. Choosing the proper charger plates is essential to create a polished and cohesive look for your tabletop.

So, what are charger plates? Charger plates are large, decorative plates that serve as a base for other dinnerware to be placed on them throughout a meal. They typically measure 13 inches in diameter and are available in various materials, including porcelain, glass, metal, wood, rattan, and acrylic/plastics. Charger plates should never come into direct contact with food; they are used only to enhance the appearance of a tablescape.

They can add a subtle elegance to your wedding tables by serving as a color-matched foundation for table linens, centerpieces, and floral arrangements. They can also be used as a focal point for your table settings by grouping pillar candles, napkins, and placemats around them.

Whether designing your dream wedding or preparing for a catered corporate event, the details of creating your event’s tablescapes will surely leave an impression on your guests. Adding a touch of sophistication to your tables with elegant charger plates ensures your guests will walk away with an amazing experience.

They Protect Your Linens

Charger plates are not just decorative table accents; they efficiently protect linens from food-related accidents. Because they are made from materials that can withstand heat, these plates help absorb and deflect food spills and hot utensils from directly damaging your linens. As such, they are a must-have for catered events or dinner parties that require high-quality tableware.

Regardless of your hosting event, be sure to place charger plates underneath your place settings before serving your guests. This will add a layer of protection to your linens while creating an aesthetically pleasing base setting for the rest of your dinnerware and utensils.

Although serving food directly off of charger plates is not recommended, you can still use them as a base for your centerpieces and pillar candles. Additionally, you can display hors d’oeuvres and desserts on top of the plates to aesthetically please your guests.

If you want to add some rustic flair to your fall wedding, you can create an enchanting tablescape using a rattan charger plate. Pair it with a gold-embroidered napkin, a brass napkin ring, and textured burgundy linens for a look that exudes elegance and charm. For an added touch of luxury, you can even use a charger plate as a gift to your guests by having their name and event date printed on it.

They Make a Statement

Often overlooked, charger plates can significantly impact your tablescape design. These tiny details provide a gorgeous frame for dinnerware and add visual texture to the table while creating a cohesive look for your entire event space. They can also be used to incorporate tiny odes to your season or other special occasion into your overall design plan. For example, a rattan charger is an easy way to inject fall-themed decor into your design, or they can be paired with brass napkin rings and textured, burgundy linens to create an elegant tablescape that’s perfect for your autumn wedding.

A charger plate can also serve as a base for floral centerpieces, serving trays, or even candle displays. They’re wonderful when used with white dinnerware for a refined look, but they can be used with any color to elevate your design.

Charger plates are essential to any luxury catered event, wedding, or formal dining establishment and should be presented on the table before your guests are seated. To make sure your guests have a flawless experience, follow the precise etiquette guidelines while using charger plates.

Place a charger plate at each guest’s corresponding setting, above the tablecloth or placemat, between the arranged flatware, and underneath the beverage glasses. To offer your guests ample elbow room, each charger should be positioned 2 feet apart.

They Are Easy to Clean

Adding charger plates to your wedding tables elevates the look of your event decor. They also help your food-bearing plates, napkins, and utensils blend with the tabletop décor and create a more cohesive design. When selecting charger plates, consider their design and color to ensure they complement your other decorative elements.

Opt for white chargers with floral patterns to add a romantic touch to your tablescape. For a more rustic feel, you can even choose natural materials like wood or stone to match the natural theme of your event. If you’re hosting a destination wedding, select a style inspired by the locale’s culture. For example, Kate Moon and Greg Brandt’s Portugal wedding featured charger plates inspired by azulejos, the Portuguese ceramic artworks found in local architecture.

When guests are ready to enjoy their dinner, you can place soup bowls and salad plates directly on the charger plate. After each course is served, you can remove the charger plate while the dinner plate remains on it, leaving the table clear for dessert.

While charger plates might seem like a small detail to some, they make a big difference in the overall appearance of your tablescape. Whether you’re planning an extravagant wedding or want to improve your dining experience at home, consider the benefits of using charger plates for all of your formal events.