Choosing the Right Fit for Your Nursing Education

Online accelerated nursing programs are designed to be fast-paced. This is good but challenging for students who try to work while studying.

Look for a school that offers much student support to help you navigate the process. 


The curriculum in an ABSN program differs based on your previous college experience and the specific program. Students with bachelor’s degrees in a non-nursing subject can skip over the first two years of general education coursework and enter nursing-specific courses.

For example, accelerated BSN programs online offer this fast-tracked curriculum and can be completed in as little as 16 months. The accelerated curriculum includes an online learning platform with interactive lectures, hands-on skills, simulation labs, and clinical rotations at local healthcare partners.

Students who are naturally organized and keep a calendar of assignments, laboratory sessions, clinical rotations, and exams can succeed in an accelerated nursing program. These attributes are also essential for success as a registered nurse.


The nursing shortage has never been more significant, with baby boomers needing more care and current RNs retiring at an accelerated rate. The good news is that a career as a nurse can be gratifying.

Online ABSN programs at La Salle University are an excellent option for students who want to change careers. These accelerated BSN programs allow you to bridge the gap between your previous degree and the baccalaureate nursing degree you need.

Most online accelerated BSN programs take 16 months, and much of the curriculum is completed online. This allows you to spend less time commuting and more time on study.

Additionally, online learning adapts to your study style. For example, visual learners may use color-coded outlines or video content, while auditory learners can use podcasts and discussions. This flexibility makes the BS to BSN online program perfect for busy adults with life commitments.


Dedicated students interested in starting their nursing career as soon as possible often choose an accelerated BSN program. These programs allow learners to complete the same degree as a traditional program in an accelerated timeframe, and they prepare graduates for employment or graduate-level study.

The accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program provides students with a flexible online curriculum, allowing them to complete theoretical coursework online while attending in-person lab and clinical learning sessions on campus. The college offers part-time and full-time options for the course of study, enabling students to fit their educational pursuits around other commitments.

Some universities’ accelerated nursing track allows individuals with a previous bachelor’s degree or at least 60 non-nursing college credits to earn their nurse practitioner license quickly. Students in the ABSN program study in the classroom and participate in a virtual clinical learning environment, and they learn from faculty members with extensive healthcare experience and expertise.


Whether you are working in a non-nursing field or have already earned an associate degree in nursing (ADN), if you want to advance your career and take on more responsibility as a registered nurse, you must pursue a bachelor’s degree. This is typically the only way to become a licensed RN in your state and to gain access to graduate nursing programs.

Online accelerated nursing programs offer students the flexibility to complete coursework at their own pace and in their location. But despite the flexible scheduling, these online courses are still rigorous and should be approached with the same dedication as traditional classroom-based nursing courses.

The online course curriculum for a BSN program typically consists of a combination of foundational coursework, hands-on labs, and clinical rotations. These in-person experiences allow students to put their nursing theory into practice and gain real-world experience. This experience is vital in preparing graduates to pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) and begin their careers.