Is Marine Transportation a Good Career Path?

Transporting products does not only take place on the road. Overseas shipping is essential for moving goods from one country to another.

If you love seeing marine life and enjoy shipping products over the water, you may want to pursue a career in marine transportation.

Is marine transportation a good career path? We will evaluate the industry, its benefits, and the skills needed to find out the answer!

What Is Marine Transportation?

Marine transportation involves moving people or goods to national and international locations.

You can engage in marine transportation by helping people go from one place to another via ferries, cruise ships, and other water-based transportation options. Tourists may want to go on a sightseeing adventure on the water that only lasts for a few hours. Cruises last for days to weeks at a time.

Product exports between America and other foreign countries take place 90% of the time via marine transportation. It is safer and more effective to transport a large number of goods using a maritime ship which can hold more cargo than an airplane.

Is Marine Transportation a Good Career Path?

America’s Maritime Transportation System (MTS) is a highly valuable industry with much potential for advancement. The organization annually increases the U.S. GDP by almost $500 billion. It also makes $200 billion in port sector taxes while supporting 10 million jobs nationwide.

Because of its high value in American industry, marine transportation is a great career path to embark on. The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that the median annual wage for marine transportation representatives was $59,250.

You can enter the industry with a high school diploma or even a post-secondary certificate. About 44% of employees enter with a post-secondary certificate while 35% of employees enter with just a high school diploma.

Benefits of Holding a Marine Transportation Position

There are many benefits of holding a marine transportation position. Besides the great pay and health benefits, you can experience:

Constant ability to travel to new places you have never seen before.

Continually advance beyond your current position.

Family-oriented work environment working with the same shipmates.

The feeling of adventure on the water.

Fresh air while living on the open sea.

Skills Needed in Marine Transportation

While you can enter the industry with only a high school diploma, there are some soft skills and certifications you must have to perform certain jobs. Make sure you have these skills before attempting to enter marine transportation:

Geographical skills to chart your way to the shipping destination.

Competency in CPR and first aid techniques.

Basic maintenance skills to operate the ship and navigate to the destination.

Can operate a telecommunications system.

Correctly sanitize the ship and keep cargo safe (if transporting goods).

Maintain quality control as the items are being shipped.

Good communication skills when giving tours to individuals on ferry rides or cruises.

Final Thoughts About Marine Transportation As a Good Career

Marine transportation can give you great pay, awesome benefits, and an experience unlike any other career you can hold. You will see new places, view all kinds of marine life, and have fun giving tours on maritime crafts or delivering cargo goods that individuals need.