Team-Building Activities for Work

The importance of teamwork is no secret. It doesn’t just apply to sports. In any situation where more than one person is working together to achieve a common goal, good teamwork is essential. This certainly is true in the workplace.  Solid communication, solving problems as a group, and supporting one another are keys to effective teamwork.

Managers and supervisors can help their employees become more effective working together through team-building activities. There are several effective tactics to try.

Escape Rooms

When team-building activities are fun, employees will embrace the challenges and develop better chemistry. Taking a team to escape rooms Draper is an excellent way to improve camaraderie and working together.

Escape rooms are themed spaces where the team is locked inside. In order to escape, they must solve puzzles, find hidden objects, and answer questions. All of these skills transfer well to the workplace.

Business Simulations

Business simulations are fun and effective ways to build teamwork. Divide your staff into two or more teams and give them the same business-related problem. Include available resources and a deadline. Offer a prize to the team that comes up with the best solution. The competition makes it fun and you can have them work on real-world problems.

Play Jeopardy

The popular game show where the contestants are given the answers and must provide the questions can be adapted to an excellent team-building activity. Come up with answers and questions related to your line of business. One employee can serve as the host while the others play the game. It’s a fun way to refresh vital knowledge and encourage friendly competition.

Circle of Appreciation

You want your employees to respect each other and their abilities. The circle of appreciation exercise can build respect. Have all of your people sit in a circle. One by one, each person says something they appreciate about the employee on their left. Paying and receiving compliments builds confidence and chemistry.

Active Listener

It’s important for employees to pay attention and listen carefully to the manager and each other. During a meeting, throw a few random phrases into your presentation and see who notices and reacts. This lets you know who pays attention and you can address those who don’t with constructive criticism.

Achievement Sharing

At the start of a meeting, have each employee share a personal achievement they are proud of. Your people will learn more about each other and may develop greater respect. The sharers experience a confidence boost knowing their co-workers are aware of an accomplishment.

Dinner Party

Learning about each other’s preferences is a key to understanding personalities and working together effectively. Ask each employee to name one famous person from history they would like to have dinner with and why. This simple exercise can reveal a lot about a person and build chemistry within the group.

When people work together in a business, they need to use solid teamwork to accomplish goals effectively and on time. Team-building activities are a great way to help your employees build the chemistry they need to perform as an effective team.