The Cost of Challenge Coins – Everything You Need to Know

The value of a challenge coin can fluctuate. The price of a coin can depend on who it was issued by and current events.

Military Coins

A military commander gives a coin to a squadron member in a special ceremony. When the soldier salutes and shakes hands with the commander, he sees something glinting in the commander’s hand. He asks the commander to explain that glint and is told, “It’s a challenge coin.”

It is not entirely clear where the tradition of military coins began. Some historians believe that they date back to Ancient Rome when soldiers were given special coins to thank them for their bravery in battle. These coins were typically marked with their legion’s logo, resulting in many of them being kept as souvenirs. Others claim that a wealthy lieutenant during World War I started the practice. He had bronze medallions made of his flying squadron’s insignia and presented them to members before they left on missions over Europe. When a pilot was captured by the Germans and escaped to a French outpost, they recognized him because of his squadron coin around his neck.

Since then, the tradition has spread. Not only military organizations give them out, but also first responders and even businesses have adopted the custom to inspire a sense of camaraderie among their staff. It is not uncommon for a person wearing a challenge coin to start a conversation with someone else with the same coin, leading to new relationships and potential business opportunities.

Firefighter Coins

Firefighters are a special group of people who work hard to protect their communities. They put their lives on the line whenever they go out to save someone or an animal from danger. For this reason, they deserve to be rewarded for their bravery and selflessness. Luckily, there are many ways to do so. One way is to give them a custom coin with specific designs and symbols representing the fire department they work for.

The cost of challenge coins for firefighters is quite affordable, and they are a great way to show firefighters that you value their service and commitment to saving others in times of need. These coins can also be used as a form of recognition for firefighters who have gone above and beyond the call of duty or to honor the memory of fallen firefighters. In addition, they can be given as part of a reward for firefighting training or as a way to thank the entire fire department for their hard work.

A firefighter challenge coin can have various designs but often feature the fire department’s logo or a custom text/image on one side. Some of the most popular images include firefighters fighting a blaze, the eight-pointed Maltese cross (which dates back to the Crusades), and helmets. Additionally, some coins feature a Dalmatian, the official dog of the fire department.

Police Coins

Police challenge coins are often given to officers to show appreciation or reward them for something special. They can also promote an event or raise funds for a cause. Police challenge coins are eye-catching, distinguishable, and can be made in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Often, they are engraved with an officer’s name and department or even have a special design that commemorates a fallen officer or the police department.

The exact origins of challenge coins are unknown, but it is believed that they started with military personnel who chose to continue their service in law enforcement after retirement. They carried the tradition of military challenge coins into their new careers and are still popular among today’s police departments and other law enforcement organizations.

When designing your police challenge coin, it is important to consider what exactly you want the coin to mean. Do you want it to be quiet and stoic or a fun, edgy design that speaks to your unit’s morale and expertise? The answer to these questions will determine the exact aesthetic of your finished police challenge coin. 

Business Coins

The word “challenge coin” may conjure images of military units or police departments, but they’re also popular among businesses. Corporate challenge coins promote brands, encourage employee incentives, celebrate milestones, and build team spirit. They are also a great way to recognize outstanding employees or customers and can serve as unique souvenirs.

The design of a business challenge coin can be based on the organization’s symbol, logo, or trademark. It can also feature an engraved message or a quote. Some companies use pop culture references to add a sense of humor to their designs. Others opt for a more dignified look.

These custom-made coins are typically made of bronze, brass, or zinc and feature a raised image or emblem. They are often given to group or organization members but can be presented to anyone. They are also often framed and displayed in places like offices and schools.

The cost of a challenge coin depends on many factors, including its size and coloration. It can also be shaped or have extra features, such as a spinning centerpiece, glow-in-the-dark enamel, or epoxy coating. In addition, the mold fee is a significant factor in the overall price of a coin. The price of a challenge coin increases with its size and order quantity, but it decreases as the number of sides increases.