Types of Jobs You Can Get in the Oil and Gas Sector?

Are you in search of a career path in the oil and gas industry? Not sure what types of job opportunities you can get in this sector? If yes, this is the right read for you. The oil and gas industry is huge and offers a promising career to both fresh graduates as well as experienced employees who want to change their career fields.

The oil and gas companies are recruiting among which many are diversified and have become energy companies. The reason why this sector is attractive is because of the high pay scale. Also, this sector offers jobs in different locations.

gas platform in the ocean

Why is this sector attractive to most people?

This industry provides a lot of learning to its workers due to the constant advancements in technology which is why young graduates and others are attracted to pursue it as their career path. Whoever works in this field continuously develops new skills, navigates the constantly changing updates and grows their knowledge in every way to stay in the present.

If you are one of those who love to learn at every step of life, then surely the oil and gas sector is the right choice for you. There are many oil and gas jobs in Calgary that you could apply for and try your luck.

The oil and gas sector is divided into three main sectors which are upstream, midstream and downstream. The exploration and production or known as E & P fall under the upstream sector. The exploration and production activities include finding potential natural gas and oil fields, and operating and drilling the wells so that the oil is recovered and brought to the surface.

Individuals who are looking for jobs that fall under this section can develop capabilities and apply for these jobs. Midstream sector activities include mostly engineering jobs, whereas the downstream sector is not much hyped usually but it is where the major business is brimmed. It includes the planning, sales and project management activities.

Some types of jobs available in the Oil and Gas sector

This highly demanded sector is mostly looking for professionals who have a wide variety of skills, interests and backgrounds. Interestingly, the industry caters to opportunities for people who like to work nine-to-five and also to people who like to work hands-on. 

The diversity of the workforce is a common norm in this industry. You will find all kinds of employees in this field. The ones who like to move about and show themselves off as well as introverts who like to work behind closed doors.

If you are someone who has advanced qualifications, you can build a successful career in this sector. So can a talented business-oriented person who doesn’t have a formal education degree. Here is a list of jobs that are available in the oil and gas industry:

Reservoir Engineer

A reservoir engineer is a person who uses fluid science and geology combined to examine the gas and oil reservoirs. This makes him/her a very important player in the sector’s workforce as he helps in predicting the financial potential of a reservoir by examining the behavior and amounts of natural gas, water and crude oil in rock formations.

Drilling Engineer

A drilling engineer makes sure that the drilling for oil and gas is economic and safe. His task is to design drilling procedures that would minimize the costs and maximize the profits. However, in this process, the worker’s safety and the environmental integrity shall not be compromised.

Exploration Geologist

An exploration geologist’s task is to look for gas and oil in rock formations. His job would require the person to work and live outdoors, hike, travel, explore nature and handle specialized equipment. Sounds fun right? It is!

An exploration geologist in many cases would work in an office while studying satellite images and photographs.

Oil and Gas Attorney

Oil and gas attorneys are lawyers who are working in this sector. They have to deal with mineral and property rights. An attorney is very necessary for this sector as they help with sorting out leasing, permitting, split estates and property boundaries.

Oil and Gas Regulatory Inspector

An oil and gas regulatory inspector is a person who monitors the drilling operation’s environmental impact.


Though this name sounds a little weird, their job is not. Mudloggers collect samples of rock to record and define it. They do so by using binocular microscopes. Mudloggers help drilling engineers make decisions.

Oil and Gas Governmental Affairs

Oil and Gas Governmental affairs professionals perceive the legislative environment and advise legislators on what would be the impact of the change of rule.

Oil and Gas Accountant

Like any other accountant, an oil and gas accountant is responsible for keeping the financial records and statements. They may also have to track and create budgets, maintain company balance sheets and handle tax calculations.

Carbon and Sustainability Manager

Sustainability is very essential to the whole world which is why the industry has generated sustainability goals. A sustainability manager ensures that the goals are met so that it could lead to greater cost savings, efficiencies and higher competitiveness. Properly maintained sustainability goals would lead to an enhanced social license.

The oil and gas industry could bring solutions to address climate change by managing the mitigation technologies such as utilization, storage and carbon capture.


The oil and gas sector is full of jobs that could give you your dream career. All you have to do is analyze what kind of job you are looking for and what skills or qualifications you may need. Once you have figured that out and prepared yourself accordingly, you are ready to step up through the door. You can find that career path in this sector that would give you all the success that you have ever dreamed of.